Welcome to the home of Winwheel.js

Winwheel.js is a feature packed JavaScript library that allows you to easily create spinning Prize Wheels on HTML5 canvas using highly configurable JavaScript classes.

Wheels can be animated using GreenSock's Animation Platform (TweenMax.js) which contains easing functions and many other powerful animation features.

Winwheel.js Features Include:

  • Easy to use, highly configurable JavaScript classes.
  • Draw wheels using code generated segments or graphically rich images.
  • Responsive features so wheels display correctly on different sized devices.
  • Numerous text orientation, direction, size and colour options.
  • Random or Pre-calculated prize stopping location.
  • Ability to get the segment the user clicked upon.
  • Fully commented source code. Plenty of tutorials and other documentation.
  • Winwheel.js is free to use with an open source licence (MIT).

Your browser does not support HTML5 canvas, use another.